When the perfect home for you means a place that is like from a fairly tale, you need Kristiano Brussardi, a salon for luxury classical and Baroque furniture.
BONONIA ESTATE produces high-quality wines with clear focus on the white and rose wines typical for Northwestern Bulgaria, and lighter and finer red wines. The picturesque and well maintained vineyards spread over 150 hectares on the very bank of the…
RIM Design Studio is aware that in the modern business world the client sets the rules, requires and chooses.
RoseDéco was created with the ambition to raise flower decoration to Haute couture levels. The bouquets are made lege artis after author's designs and with two collections every year, using premium materials and fine manual work.
Among the picturesque scenery of the Belogradchik Rocks, in the yard of Borovitza, a small winery for exceptional craft wines, grows a marvellous oak with two trunks. It is 260 years old and has survived the devastation of three fires.…
The professionals at Style Build Group know that there is no such thing as goals that cannot be accomplished. The company's name is a warranty for quality service.
The brands for face, hair, body, mother and baby by Hristina Cosmetics are always a great gift, both for us and the people we love.
Helen Koss Interiors design studio specialises in design of office spaces that meet the contemporary requirements for inspiring and motivating environment.
High quality, impressive sizes and inimitable colours – no-one can resist the magic of Edison pearls.
Although officially founded as recently as 2017, Diferente Design Studio has long history that started about 20 years ago in the corridors of the Forestry University in Sofia. Nina Ilieva and Denitsa Berberska were fellow students and friends; today they…
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