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Martin Kraev offers a start to finish service – from finding the best property to creating the perfect interior for you

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Martin Kraev, founder of MK Design Studio

On the competitive real estate and interior design market MK Design Studio easily stands out with its services. When you dream of a home or an office, it will identify the offers on the market that are as close as possible to your ideal, and will then design an amazing interior that fits both the space and your desires.

The studio's founder Martin Kraev has the right expertise to achieve this ambitious task. Born in a family of builders, as a boy he frequented construction sites. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to real estate brokerage, while picking up interior design as a vocation was the natural result of his interest in architecture and interior spaces.

What inspired you to start a practice that combines interior design and real estate brokerage?

In order to create a memorable interior, I have to search for the right space that will both provoke my creativity and will meet the client's requirements. In my practice I have seen way too often clients buying properties that are far from perfect for them. This is caused by the limited time one has to visit properties and the lack of information about the market, the construction processes that will be needed to transform the property into something decent and all possible problems that could appear.

On the other hand, tough competition has forced us to be more flexible and creative in the services we offer. We have to be able to provide something more to help clients achieve the desired end result. When I offer a complete service from finding the right property to designing and realising its interior, I have full control on the process. This allows me to predict the expenses and unexpected situations and problems, and to address them timely.

What are the benefits for the clients from such an approach?

The client gets the ultimate service – from finding the perfect property to taking their shoes off and moving in. It saves them nerves, time and money. The goal of the broker (I do not see myself as one) is to sell more properties. I want to find just one property – the right one for my client. Real estate agencies also often do not know in detail what the clients want. The clients themselves often are unaware of this. This is natural, as inexperienced people can easily lose their way in the information on the Internet. They need someone to filter and channel this flow to make the best decision.

Initial ideas always change during the work process. In our meetings and conversations we explain to the client what is achievable and what is not. Then their ideas finally start to take shape.

When clients realise that the property they have bought meets their requirements only halfway, they often opt for full transformation. This, however, is expensive and time consuming, and there are things one can never change, like the rooms' exposition or that new block of flats that is being built a couple of metres away and will completely hide that beautiful vista the client paid for. When you choose the right property from the start, there would be no need to compromise with such things.

I have a favourite saying: quick is slow, slow is sure. When investing in our dream home, we need to give proper technological time for each process. With patience everything is possible. There is no need to compromise. Choosing your home is a serious step, the place should inspire positive emotions and tranquillity.

Is it easy to combine brokerage and interior design?

There is no easy way to solve the puzzle. It is a complex process that takes time. Each detail is important: the property's location and exposition, the building's architecture and environment, the layout, the client's desires and budget. Thanks to my experience I am well informed on what is available on the market and what is the quality of the construction.

Being informed is crucial. We need to have current information on both the available properties and the prices and quality of construction materials and services. I love working with established subcontractors that are reliable, deliver quality, keep the deadlines and give guarantees for their products and services. Teamwork and trust are crucial in our profession.

Our interior design service is also highly personalised. To save time and find what the client actually wants, we talk through some crucial topics during our initial meeting: concepts, styles, conscious and subconscious desires, lifestyle. It is the foundation of our work. All good beginnings have good ends.

Do you have a favourite project?

Each project I work on currently is my favourite one. It cannot be any different. I need to be fully immersed in a project to provide the desired result. This is why when I design a home, an office or a public space, I do it as if I am creating my own home or office, my favourite public space. МК Design Studio focuses on a limited number of projects. I aim to provide personalised service and to be involved in each stage of the process, from the architectural survey to the organisation and realisation.

Loving what you do is crucial. Each project is different, this keeps alive the flame of my interest and my desire to move forward.

(+359) 0897 880 484

FB: Martin Kraev Design

IG: mkraev_design

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