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The CEO on the success of one of Bulgaria's most interesting wineries

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© Nelly Tomova; the photo is taken in InterContinеntal Sofia


Founded 10 years ago, Angel's Estate is among the established names in Bulgarian winemaking – its labels win prestigious international awards and its fans in Bulgaria and abroad are increasing. The winery in Byala Village, Nova Zagora region, was built in 2010 on 14,000 sq.m total area. Its capacity of 750,000 tonnes of grape is designed to cover the production of its own vineyards.

Tsvetomila Georgieva is among the people behind the success of Angel's Estate. A graduate of Business Administration from the International Business School in Sofia she started work in Angel's Estate as Sales Director in 2011. In 2014, she became the winery CEO.

The classical poem says 'Women and wine, wine and women." What a woman can give to contemporary wine industry?

A woman can give to wine industry and to business as a whole a complex of qualities – precision, accuracy, tact, intuition, patience, sensitivity and last but not least, gentle definitiveness and strength in solution making.

What is the most important thing you want to give to Angel's Estate clients?

Client is the most important power in a business. For us, as a company, it is very important that our customer feels taken care of, aware that they can trust us and that they can rely on us. When consuming our products, they have to feel the sense of please and the satisfaction of owning a product of exceptional value for money.

Angel's Estate is one of the leading Bulgarian winemaking companies. Its wines have won awards in all international competitions they have participated in, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and Decanter World Wine Awards. A world-level guaranteed quality: this is the business card of Angel's Estate. And it has been the same since the first harvest in 2009.

Angel's Estate

What did Angel's Estate achieve for its 10 years on the market? What is the key to your success?

We went a long way that was full with obstacles and challenges. We started with production of 20,000 bottles and today I can proudly say that we reached our initial goals for 10 years ahead, namely reaching production and realisation of 700,000 bottles. Today Angel's Estate is looking towards both the internal market and to expanding export. As of now we successfully export our products to Japan, the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Our success is the child of the company's whole team, of our determination and faith, consistency and industry, perseverance and love for what we create – wines that contain something of ourselves. Consistent until reaching the desired results, we managed to motivate our employees and to reach together the successful finish line. Our combined efforts are the company's engine and a guarantee for its success. However, none of this would be achieved without the support, the beneficial environment and the motivation needed for development created by the owners of Angel's Estate. Our employees feel calm and motivated to go beyond themselves and to feel a part of the family of Angel's Estate.

That is why customers highly evaluate the winery's products and our wines deservedly have 100% success on all national and international competitions in which they participate.

Tsvetomila Georgieva, Angel's Estate

© Nelly Tomova; the photo is taken in InterContinеntal Sofia


What are the characteristics of the region where the winery is located and how do they reflect on your wines?

In a close proximity to our vineyards is Zhrebchevo Dam, which creates a special microclimate in its immediate vicinity. The vineyards are on southern slopes, with the Stara Planina mountain to the north and the Sredna Gora mountain to the south. The two mountains protect them from extreme conditions and stop the movement of very hot air from the south in summer and of very cold air from the north in winter. Thanks to this the fruit's development is more balanced and the resulting wines are more harmonic. The mountains' close proximity also provides the large day-night temperature amplitudes that are crucial for the development of the grape aroma in time of ripening.

How can Angel's Estate help companies that want to make an unforgettable corporate gift to their clients?

The wines of Angel's Estate are the perfect choice for an unforgettable corporate present. Wine has been and will always be a part of Bulgarian national traditions. It brings in the fresh whiff of boon and communication with nature. A bottle of wine is a symbol of health and prosperity. In the sea of suggestions the wines of Angel's Estate are a marvellous and elegant choice. They are elegant, gentle, dense, aromatic and memorable. They are a symbol of luxury and at the same time offer the perfect value for money. Winners of prestigious international awards, the wines of Angel's Estate will definitely leave a lasting memory in everyone who will have the honour and pleasure to receive them as a gift. Together with our designer, each of our clients can select for their partners and friends the best and unique appearance for the bottle of wine that will express their respect with a special message on an original and one-of-a-kind label.


Banya Village, Nova Zagora municipality, Sliven District

phone: 02/421 40 65, +359 884 246 619



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